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C-Kissed Lips
Vitamin C Balm

Moisturize and condition lips all season long with our all-natural lip balm. Infused with key natural  ingredients of beezwax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and the flavor of sweet citrus.

Retail price: $10.00
Holiday Price: $5.00

C Gel
Facial Masks

C Gel Masks are the perfect gift for any skin! Vitamin C helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating natural cell growth and boosting antioxidant activity on the skin surface.

Retail price: $75.00
Holiday Price: $35.00
(6-count Pack)

24k Gold Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Formulated with 24k gold leaf, Peptides and ultra-hydrating ingredients to help assist natural hair growth for longer, fuller, luxurious lashes and fluffier, more pronounced brows.

Retail price: $98.00
Holiday Price: $49.00

24k Gold + Collagen Facial Sheet Masks

Give yourself the gold treatment with age-defying facial masks formulated with pure 24K Gold Leaf to improve skin elasticity, circulation and cellular regeneration.

Retail price: $95.00
Holiday Price: $47.50
(6-count Pack)

Spread some holiday cheer this year!

Spend $175.00 get a FREE 50ml Skin Perfecting Serum

The Latest Addition to The A Method Family

Formulated with Tranexamic Acid plus five pigment correcting, skin brightening ingredients to help tighten skin, improve texture, tone and the appearance of enlarged pores.

Skin Perfecting Serum helps stimulate collagen production while improving the results of your current product regimen.

The 24K Holiday Kit is Back!

Save Over 50%

Reg. Price: $325.00 • Holiday Sale Price: $150.00

Your Solution to boosting natural cell turnover and
collagen production for clearer, brighter complexion –
longer, fuller lashes and brows – and beautiful, glowing skin.

offers end soon!





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