Discover the POWER of 24K Gold Skincare

Discover the POWER of 24K Gold Skincare

Beauty brands around the world are embracing new trends to keep up with the pace of the skincare market. 
From serums, to eye creams – lip balms, facial masks…you name it: many brands are starting to incorporate novel ingredients into their formulations like CBD, stem cells and more recently 24 Karat Gold leaf. 

But what is just fancy marketing and what are the true benefits of using 24K Gold on your skin? 

Why is 24K Gold used on the skin? 

Gold inherently exhibits qualities unlike any other metals on earth. It’s incredibly less reactive than other metals, and thus naturally resists oxidation and degradation by air, moisture and acidic conditions. Another fascinating aspect of gold is its malleability. A single gram of gold can be hammered out to a full square meter in size – meaning – a little goes a LONG way. 

For your skin, gold can provide powerful antioxidant support and encourage cellular regeneration while lessening degradation. Simply put, it helps skin maintain and improve elasticity while encouraging collagen production.

So what?
Just pour it all over me? 

When caring for the skin, it’s almost always true that less is more.  The same can be said about formulations including 24K Gold Leaf as an ingredient. The most important factor here is how much gold is actually present within the formulation. More often than not, this will be reflected in the price of the product. Products with a sufficient amount of gold leaf will only require once to twice daily use to elicit visible results.

What are the benefits of using a Gold-infused skincare product? 

Reduces Oxidative Stress

Reducing oxidative stress in the skin means reducing the occurrence of free radicals, cell degradation, and the tell-tale signs of aging. Gold is a powerful antioxidant that will naturally stimulate collagen production to fill and plump the look of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

Improves Skin Elasticity

Gold helps to preserve and prevent the breakdown of Elastin in the body, which is responsible for keeping skin firm, tight and youthful. This is achieved through moisture retention and boosted collagen production. Restoring skin cell elasticity is an integral part of any effective anti-aging skincare regimen.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

While the exact mechanisms which make gold “anti-inflammatory” are not yet fully understood, gold salts have been widely recognized as exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties and are used in many common arthritis treatments to ease pain and swelling.

When it comes to your skin, a gold-infused serum could reduce inflammation associated with acne, hyperpigmentation, sun-damage, and other general skin sensitivities – thus leading to a better environment to skin to heal and thrive. 

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Provides Barrier Defense

From cities to suburbs, daily pollutants can exaggerate skin aging. Reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier for defense will help to lessen clogged, visible pores – which will lead to greater moisture retention, elasticity and softer fine lines and wrinkles. 

Radiance Boosting Qualities

Get your glow on! It seems obvious that something as shiny as gold would make you glow – but the radiance a gold-infused product provides is actually due to boosting micro-circulation beneath the skin surface and enhancing the natural color of your skin.   

Should I use a Gold-Infused Product? 

24K Gold + Snail Growth Factor Serum

24K Gold as an ingredient is suitable for all skin types.
Dry to normal oily to dry, hyperpigmented, blemish prone and even sensitive skin types will all benefit from and see positive results in their skin after using a quality gold-infused product.

Whether you’re looking for general anti-aging skin maintenance, or to brighten areas of uneven complexion or even clear up a breakout – the consistent use of a gold-infused product within the context of a clean and effective skincare regimen could help you meet your skincare goals sooner in 2021. 

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