Three Ways to Keep MASKNE at Bay While Under Quarantine

Simplify Your Skincare Routine.

The most important things you can do are keep your mask clean and the oil levels in your skin balanced. Do this by washing your face using a pH-balancing Cleanser before and after wearing your mask to remove oil, dirt, and bacteria – then apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer immediately after cleansing. Make sure both your Cleanser and moisturizer are fragrance-free and not known to irritate your skin.

Don’t Skip the Astringent.

Incorporating a simple daily blemish pad into your routine will help keep your pores clear and tight to avoid clogging and reduce oiliness throughout the day. Any effective astringent will feature a blend of acids that will purify skin and keep active breakouts in check.

Apply astringent after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer to prep skin and create a balanced environment and protect against excess sebum production.

Protect the Moisture Barrier.

The skin’s moisture barrier is just what it sounds like: It helps your skin retain moisture.

Protecting the moisture barrier and allowing your skin to retain its natural moisture will in turn cause your skin to recognize that it is hydrated, and lessen the response to produce oil.

When you strip your skin of moisture and fail to replenish it with the right product (in this case a thicker, Probiotic Moisturizer), you are literally telling your sebaceous glands to produce oil and replace that lack of hydration – which can lead to acne and other forms of dermatitis when you’re constantly masking up.

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