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Products containing retinol claim to plump fine lines, erase wrinkles,
deliver smoother texture and even enhance your natural glow.

The catch? Most retinol products can cause irritation in the form of redness,
flaking and even skin sensitivity when used as instructed.


"Micro-dosing" is a technique used to introduce skin to low levels of an ingredient, to both condition skin and gradually achieve results – without causing adverse effects.

That being said – less can truly be more when it comes to retinol use.

Why Micro-dose with Retinol?

Active ingredients like retinol can potentially cause irritation and excess inflammation for certain skin types (especially those who have not used retinol before), so starting at lower concentrations can help lessen irritation while building skin's tolerance to higher concentrations.


The retinol curve depicts the typical relationship between time and results when using retinol. It's common to experience dryness, flaking and even mild pain after using higher concentrations of retinol – which is the reason most avoid it entirely. The amount of downtime one may experience when using retinol can vary person-to-person – and greatly depend on if skin has built a tolerance to retinol already.

Typical Retinol Use
Miro-dosing with Retinol

Introducing skin to retinol slowly can help lessen irritation and downtime while building skin strength to accept higher treatment levels of retinol, when needed.

Pearls of Retinol

Nightly Firming Serum

This ultra-hydrating, skin quenching All-Trans retinol serum
plumps and restores skin while strengthening elasticity
and balancing oil production – all with less irritation
than typical retinol products.


Retinol is packed with anti-aging benefits. It stimulates the production of new skin cells, renewing a more youthful skin appearance, and is even used to treat and mitigate mild acne conditions. Mainly, retinol will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and even help balance uneven skin texture with consistent use.

Other Benefits:
• Strengthens reduces skin sensitivity
• Reduces appearance of enlarged pores
• Inhibits further pigmentary discoloration
• Brightens to balance complexion
• Tightens and "lifts" skin for a more youthful look

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