Episode 13 "Mask Up for Great Skin"

In ‘Mask Up for Great Skin,’ audiences go behind-the-scenes with skin care formulator and Co-Founder of The A Method, Angelia Inscoe. She dispels myths and brings clarity to the often-confusing decision of “which facial mask should I purchase?” Listeners will learn:

• The history behind masking and why this skin care treatment has been around for thousands of years
• How masks function and the main benefits of facial and body masking
• Key ingredients to look for and ingredients to avoid
•Various mask formulations and related efficacy

Episode 12 ‘Blue Light Skin Care Products – Helpful or Mere Hype?’

In ‘Blue Light Skin Care Products – Helpful or Mere Hype?, listeners will discover why blue light is damaging and how to take preventative measures. You will learn:

  • • The definition of blue light and how it impacts skin health
  • • Preventative measures to ensure your skin in protected
  • • Which skin care products prevent and reduce blue light damage
  • • Are skin care products marketed specifically for blue light treatment helpful or mere hype?

In Sun Protection 101, Angelia Inscoe, co-founder and formulator of The A Method medical-grade skincare provides important information on how to protect our largest organ from the sun’s harmful rays. You will learn:

The definition of SPF and what various protection levels mean

The difference between UVB and UVA rays

• Which two active ingredients are THE most important to identify before you buy

• How much sunscreen to apply, how often, and when

• Top reasons to protect yourself from the sun

Tips for avoiding melanoma

In episode 10 of Skin Care Moxie, Angelia Inscoe, inventor of the Collagen P.I.N. microneedling device brings clarity and knowledge to the hottest treatment in skin care. ‘Microneedling Your Way to Great Skin,’ breaks down:

How the process of microneedling works to bring forth a myriad of skin benefits

The top skin concerns microneedling addresses

Recommended frequency, downtime, and post-treatment care

Why the Collagen P.I.N. outperforms competing microneedling devices

How to find a qualified Collagen P.I.N. provider near you

In this episode, “CBD in Skin Care – Help or Hype?” Angelia Inscoe, co-founder of The A Method medical grade skincare line and formulator of Shalia Botanicals, CBD skin care, listeners will gain insider knowledge surrounding this burgeoning market, You will learn:

Why CBD is an ingredient in many new to market skin care products

Top three benefits CBD in skin care provides

The clinical research that validates the use of CBD as an ingredient in skin care products

Which CBD skin care products are recommended based on skin type and overall skin health goals

In “Why Precious Metals Are Good for Your Skin,’ listeners will gain a base knowledge of how metals are used in skincare and cosmetic formulations and how the skin can benefit. You will learn:

The significance and benefits of the 7 most important metals used in skincare products

The two main metals that are critical to the safest sunscreen formulas on the market

Why 24-karat gold has been used in skincare since the days of Cleopatra

Which metals to avoid and why

In this episode, “How Collagen Benefits Your Skin,” The A Method CEO and Co-Founder, Angelia Inscoe unpacks the fundamentals of collagen. You will learn:

• Why collagen production slows after menopause

• The difference between collagen injectables and cosmetic filler injectables

• Why collagen can be anti-inflammatory

• Which product/ingredient stimulates collagen production the most

• The correlation between nutrition and collagen production

In this episode Fact or Fiction? 24 Karat Gold in Skincare, Angelia Inscoe, co-founder of The A Method dispels myths surrounding 24 karat gold in skincare products. You will discover:

• Why 24 karat gold is used in skincare products

• Whether or not the gold is real

• The top 3 benefits of 24 karat gold in skincare

Join The A Method’s Co-Founder, Angelia Inscoe, and hear from renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster on the importance of Vitamin C in an effective skin care regimen.

In this episode you will learn:

• Why Vitamin C is the #1 product recommended by renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster

• How Vitamin C fights free radicals and serves as an important antioxidant

• How Vitamin C stimulates collagen production

In this episode, Angelia Inscoe, Co-Founder and CEO of The A Method medical-grade skincare unpacks everything you need to know about acids. You will learn:

• Which acids are used in skin care product?

• What skin concerns acids address

• The percentage of acid needed for skin care products to be effective

• What to look for on product labels when acid is an active ingredient

What is clean skin care, why is everyone talking about it, and why should you care? In this episode, The A Method Co-Founder and CEO, Angelia Inscoe sheds light on the following:

• The difference between Botanical, All-Natural, Clean and Organic Skincare

• How parabens and silicones are used in the skin care industry

• What “good” ingredients to look for in clean skincare

• Which ingredients to look out for and avoid in skincare products

In this episode A Method Medical-Grade Skin Care Co-Founder, Angelia Inscoe unpacks the differences between Retinol and Tretinoin [generic name for Retin A].

• The differences between Retinol and Tretinoin [generic name for Retin A].

• How Retinol impacts cellular turnover, stimulates collagen production, and assists with anti-aging.

• Why Retinol is food for your skin.

• How to determine what strength of Retinol is right for your skin type.

• Instructions for how to use Retinol effectively to achieve the best results for your skin.

Introducing Skin Care MOXIE! Your guide to the latest trends, secrets and TRUTHS behind the medical grade skincare industry. Join Kelly Fletcher and Angelia Inscoe as they dive into the hottest skincare topics to give us a better idea of how effective skin care actually works.