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  • cleanse glycolic gel

    Cleanse Glycolic Gel

    Skin retexturizing is essential to many skin types, except sensitive skin. Keeping pores clear of cellular debris and refining skin texture primes skin for enhanced benefits of a regular skincare program. The A Method by Tina Alster, MD’s Cleanse Glycolic Gel delivers retexturizing benefits and smoother looking skin.

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  • cleanse gentle daily wash

    Cleanse Gentle Daily Wash

    When the skin’s barrier becomes compromised following aesthetic procedures, the appropriate cleanser becomes critical to restoring the skin’s lipid barrier and promoting an ideal climate for wound healing. Use of a gentle, creamy and hydrating cleanser, free of potential irritants like Cleanse Gentle Daily Wash is the first step in the A Method by Tina Alster, MD.

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