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  • Advanced TX Lightening Gel Elixir

    Advanced TX Lightening Gel Elixir

    Advanced TX Lightening Elixir brings a targeted blend of pigment minimizing ingredients together in a unique formula. Formulated with
    tranexamic acid to lighten and correct skin discoloration plus niacinamide, this elixir is the important first step of any anti-pigment regimen.

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  • C Antioxidant Gel 20

    C Antioxidant Gel 20%

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    c antioxidant gel




    Antioxidant care is critical to preserving skin’s youthfulness. Free radical damage is a significant cause of premature skin aging. Daily use of C Antioxidant Gel 20% can help prevent free radical damage that leads to loss of skin elasticity, skin darkening and fine wrinkling.

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  • C+ Brightening Elixir

    Skin discoloration and pigment issues require daily corrective and preventative care.  The skin tone improving benefits of L-ascorbic acid, combined with other actives, including hydroquinone 2%*, can help to clear the appearance of pigment. C+ Antioxidant Elixir by Tina Alster, MD provides a new solution to pigmentary problems.
    *Hydroquinone 2% can be added to boost the brightening benefits of C+ Elixir. Sold separately and through physicians only.

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  • Hydrate HA Elixir

    Skin dehydration can occur at any time, in particular following non-invasive procedures. Hydrate HA Elixir by Tina Alster, MD rehydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid to restore balance and lessen dryness.

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