Your love life with skincare
Keeping Your Love Life Fresh Can Be a Challenge.

Time constraints alone, coupled with demanding careers and children can make life seem like it’s out to get us. Especially when it comes to our romantic relationships.

A nice vacation or night out on the town can be a much needed getaway for couples looking to spend some needed R&R time together. Sometimes though, finding time together can be as simple as doing just that – here are some easy and fun ways to bring you and your partner closer with simple skincare.

Let's Heat Things Up!

Build a routine together
Mutual massages
Share shower time
Have a mask / movie night
Schedule a spa date at home

build a routine together

Using your skincare routine as an excuse for time together can be a fun and intimate way to care for and love each other. It can be as simple as applying each others favorite serums or creams or you can spend time building routines together. You can find lots of skin quizzes online that are fun and could lead you to discover something new about one another!   

Mutual massages

Massages have always been a great way to show your loved one you care. They can be as intimate as you make them and can be shared mutually between each other with head massages focusing around the temples and the back of the neck, to the hands, arms back, legs….you name it. Using massage oils are a great way to heat things up and can be great for your skin too! The A Method’s Ultra-Hydration Serum is a wonderful product for massaging the skin to improve elasticity and vibrance with 100% pure Squalane. 

shared shower time

Showering together is among the top ways to really spice things up in your love life – if you’re at that stage of course. Shower massages and getting close to your loved one in such warmth and intimacy can lead to more romance and make each other feel loved, accepted and comfortable in your own skin.  

have a mask / movie night

Facial Sheet Masks notoriously take time to work their magic. Pop a bowl of pop-corn, throw on your favorite Rom-Com and let your favorite face masks work as you get a little laugh in, and a lot of love out of your little date-night. 

schedule a spa date...at home!

Speaking of spa dates! Having a set routine you do together every week can help establish healthy routines for you to enjoy together. Make every Sunday night a “spa night” and go through your routines together -end with a massage – who knows where the night may lead… 

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Date night, here we come.

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