What is

White jade

and what are its benefits on skin?

Jade rollers have made a name for themselves in the past year.

Some claim that White Jade particularly has a balancing effect and can even help release negative energy from the body. While the benefits of White Jade can be a bit perplexing to say the least, it's clear that the tool has a place in skincare and can be used to help the efficacy of any routine.

what is white jade?

White Jade is a type of stone that's been used a facial massage tool for thousands of years – with deep roots in Eastern Medicine. Facial rolling, while seemingly "trendy", is a common practice among skincare professionals to help enhance the penetration of facial serums and other active ingredients.


The short answer is... yes! But it depends entirely on what your skincare goals are. Facial rollers are known as excellent tools for stimulating lymphatic drainage and the cooling sensation white jade delivers on skin can help reduce conditions for redness and inflammation. This combination can be a game changer for routines focused on soothing stressed skin.

When it comes to serum application, White Jade Rollers also make it possible to reduce skin-to-skin contact and the chances for bacteria to transfer from your hands to your face. This can be important when applying thinner serums not only in reducing skin-to-skin contact, but in reducing loss of product due to absorption into the hands, rather than the intended area of the face or body.

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Each Winter Essentials Kit comes with a complimentary White Jade Roller for serum application and to inspire a healthier glow before the Holidays ramp up.

how to effectively use white jade rollers

Step One: Wash face using room temperature water and a gentle cleanser to remove any debris from the skin surface. Pat skin dry with a soft towel.

Step Two: Apply serum directly to dry skin using serum application dropper /pump. See serum instructions for specific application directions.

Step Three: Use the larger side of your White Jade Roller to gently massage serum into skin to improve absorption. The smaller roller can be used for delicate areas around the eyes.

Step Four: Clean your White Jade Roller using warm, soapy water and let air dry before further use.

perfect for facial masks!

White Jade Rollers are perfect for facial mask application to enhance product absorption and accentuate a more spa-like experience with your skincare!

Receive a complimentary White Jade Roller
and 24K Facial Mask with purchase of the Winter Essentials Kit



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