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Winter can be a stressful time for your skin.

The lack of Vitamin D alone can be a precursor to accelerated aging and lead to skin dehydration, chronic inflammation, and a myriad of conditions that arise simply from lack of sun exposure. 

The cold doesn’t help either.

Low temperatures and humidity levels result in dry air that pulls moisture away from the epidermis – leaving skin dry, itchy and craving some much needed TLC during the winter weather season. 

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Six Ways to Winterize Your Skin:

Switch up your moisturizer…
Ditch the soap…
Avoid long, hot showers…
Glove up…
Don’t skip the SPF…
Embrace the Peel…

Switch Up Your Moisturizer

Thicker doesn’t always mean better for the winter. It’s all about the active ingredients! Products containing ceramides, which are the skin’s natural fatty acids, will help to rebuild, restore and protect the skin barrier – effectively sealing in moisture while creating a defense for moisture retention.

Ditch the SOAP

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, an ingredient found in most store brand soaps, is extremely detrimental to skin health and hydration. Choosing a gentle, non-comedogenic (and preferably cream-based) cleanser will ensure you’re not stripping your skin of vital oils and nutrients each time you cleanse. 

Avoid Long, Hot Showers

In the same way, you want to avoid exposing skin to hot water (above 105º) for more than 10 minutes at a time. Doing so will allow your skin to retain more of its natural oil while lessening your body’s response for more oil production – thus avoiding multiple skin concerns and flare-ups that could potentially arise from prolonged, consistent exposure to hot water. 

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Glove Up!

Hands and extremities are the most prone to skin damage from cold weather due to low circulation in these areas. Consistently moisturizing, along with a good set of winter gloves, will help keep your hands hydrated and the thinner skin around your knuckles and the backs of your hands supple, soft and healthy. 

Don't Skip the SPF

Just because you’re not getting as much sun as you would in the summer, doesn’t mean you should skip the sunscreen. It’s a common misconception that sunscreen also blocks vital nutrients we receive from natural sunlight. This is not true!
Effective sunscreens target specific UVA/UVB rays while allowing the good “stuff” to get through.

Embrace the Peel

Winter is a perfect time for a chemical peel to repair damage caused by summer sun exposure. Because winter days are short with minimal sunlight, it’s an ideal opportunity to address photoaging and pigmentary concerns with much less risk of sun damage while using topical retinoids.

Learn More about The AMAZING Peel Kit Here! 

Shop Hydrators

Keep skin hydrated and healthy this winter!

Keep skin hydrated
and healthy this winter!


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