24K Gold Skincare...

What is it and how does it work?

Beauty brands are constantly embracing new trends to keep up with the market and more often than not, customers are left sifting through a mountain of products. In 2021, 24 Karat Gold made its way into many skincare brands in the form of serums, hair products and more...

So, is the hype real – or is 24k Gold Skincare just another trend?

ANCIENT ROOTS, timeless use

24K Gold isn't new to the skincare game. In fact, its recorded use dates back over 2,000 years ago. The subject of alchemy, mysticism and even supernatural topics – gold itself has shown to be a very unique metal with properties unlike any other element on Earth.


High resistance to oxidation and extreme malleability allow gold to be hammered and stretched into very thin sheets called "gold flake". When it comes to your skin, the small molecular nature of gold allows penetration into deep layers where the unique effects can take place, resulting in glowing, radiant skin with more balanced tone.


The nano-nature of gold also helps improve the penetration of follow up products, helping them get deeper into the skin for better, lasting results from your regimen when layered properly. Gold-infused skincare products often contain moisturizing ingredients that help hydrate the skin to improve overall condition, softness and smoothness.

Want to Add 24K
to Your Skincare Routine?

Simply apply after cleansing and before your moisturizer to experience all-day hydration and glow in all skin types.

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Gold can also help preserve and prevent the breakdown of Elastin in the body, which is responsible for keeping skin firm, tight and healthy-looking. This is achieved through improved moisture retention and the nourishment of collagen. Some studies suggest that gold nanoparticles may stimulate cellular activity which can contribute to skin rejuvenation, and a revitalized skin appearance.


Whether you're looking for general skincare maintenance, to brighten areas of uneven complexion or even clear up a breakout – the consistent use of a gold-infused product within the context of a clean and effective skincare regimen could help you meet your skincare goals sooner in 2023.



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