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Mineral Powder


realistic protection against free radical sun damage

Any skincare enthusiast will tell you the most important product you can use to combat early aging is sunscreen.

The problem? Typical sunscreens make daily application impractical. Greasy formulas can cause unwanted build-up, residue and lead to blemishes and clogged pores if not applied, cleansed and reapplied properly.

What is Mineral Powder Sunscreen?

A convenient solution to daily re-application that doubles as a mineral based sunscreen + foundation.

• Applicable alone or over make-up
• Buildable, lightweight coverage
• Free of oils, chemicals, dimethicone and other skin stressors
• Provides barrier protection against sun and pollution

ITAM - 1080 (26)

is Mineral Powder EFFECTIVE?

Most mineral powders are as effective (or more so) than traditional SPFs because they are much easier to re-apply throughout the day. Protection Powder Sunscreens feature SPF 30 - SPF 50 level (broad-spectrum) protection against UVA/UVB rays from the sun.

That's a lot to unpack.

Let's break these terms down:

Sun Protection Factor
The solar energy (UV radiation) required to produce sunburn on protected skin. As the SPF increases, so does the amount of UV energy required to burn skin.
SPF Levels
Low: SPF below 15
Medium: SPF 15 – 29
High: SPF 30 – 49
Very High: SPF over 50
"Broad" Spectrum
Provides the best protection against UVA and UVB sun damage - preventing skin cancer and premature signs of aging.
UVA / UVB Rays
UVA - damages skin, resulting in a tan and can pass through most glass.
UVB - plays the greatest role in causing skin cancers, including malignant melanoma.
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are chemical sunscreens bad?

The chemicals found in traditional sunscreens are technically only harmful if your skin is sensitive. 

However, common sunscreen chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate are extremely harmful to underwater reefs and the environment. So avoid chemical sunscreens! (especially when entering natural bodies of water)

While being reef-safe, most organic mineral powders are also water-resistant (due to their mineral composition) and non-nano – meaning the powder particles aren't large enough to penetrate skin, and provide more effective barrier protection.

What's Inside:
Protection Powder SPF Brushes

Skin Nurturing Mineral Foundation with only Four Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide 25%
Delivers dual benefits as both a sunscreen and as a foundation to help cover skin imperfections without irritation.

Zinc Oxide 25%
Acts as a natural sunscreen agent to reflect light away from the skin.

Delivers a sheer and radiant finish plus adds softness to the formula.

Iron Oxides
A mix of different iron oxides in varying concentrations are used to deliver the color in each shade.

ITAM - 1080 (29)

Available in 7 Shades (SPF 30) + Clear (SPF 50)


Tina Alster M.D. Creator & Co-Founder of The A Method®

WHY USE sunscreen daily?

"Sun protection is the single most important factor in preventing skin aging (and development of skin cancer). I liken its use to the automatic use of seatbelts while driving- it becomes a habit, regardless of where you are going.

My biggest piece of advice is to protect the skin during the day with application of an topical antioxidant (vitamin C) followed by a mineral sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and to restore at night with All-trans retinol. Sunscreen is often skipped because it tends to feel heavy or greasy and can clog pores - especially when reapplying throughout the day (and over make-up). A great alternative that I recommend is mineral powder sunscreen – it’s lightweight, easy to apply, and provides consistent coverage and protection for the face and scalp. "

Protection Powder
Mineral Foundation Sunscreen
Protection Powder
Mineral Foundation Sunscreen

Voted NEW YOU's "Best Powder Sunscreen" 2022

Voted NEW YOU's
"Best Powder Sunscreen" 2022


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